New Rules for SIP in 2021 | How ETMONEY & GROWW handle SIP in a different way now? | #APDaga

  • What is SIP?
  • What are the new rules applicable on SIP from 1st Feb 2021?
  • What is Etmoney & Groww?
  • How does Etmoney & Groww handle SIP differently after 1st Feb 2021?

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  1. The barrel and screw should be specifically treated if significantly abrasive supplies are covered plunger to be processed, similar to glass fibre crammed polyamide . Also, the screw geometry should be correct for processing particular supplies, though general objective designs are available to cater for a spread of commodity thermoplastics. During the cooling part, the barrel is recharged with materials for the subsequent moulding cycle. The injection screw rotates and, outcome of} its helical nature, materials in granule or powder form is drawn into the rear end of the barrel from a hopper feed.

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