How to download Investment Statements (proofs) from ETMONEY App? I Investment Ideas by APDaga

How to download Investment Statements (proofs) from ETMONEY App? I Investment Ideas by APDaga
If you are investing in Mutual Funds and your purpose of investment is saving tax. then you must invest in ELSS mutual funds.
This article will address the question "how to generate the investment proof  (ELSS statements) for income tax saving?" along with the following points:
  • Apps to invest in ELSS
  • Limitations of ETMONEY App
  • How to download ELSS statements from ETMONEY App
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Short Video:

Apps to invest in ELSS:

If you want to invest in mutual funds for saving tax then you must invest in ELSS Mutual funds. You can save tax on Rs.1.5 lakhs under 80C. ELSS is one of the instruments to save tax under section 80C.

You can your apps like ETMONoteNEY, GROWW & KUVERA to invest in ELSS funds on the go using a smart mobile phone.

Limitations of ETMONEY App:

ETMONEY app is one of the best apps to start an investment. But as you know, When it comes to software or apps, every app has some advantages and disadvantages. ETMONEY has a disadvantage and that is "ETMONEY provide statements (proofs) only for those transactions which are performed through ETMONEY app."

This means if you have investment done through multiple apps then ETMONEY won't be able to provide the consolidated statement of all of your investments. 

But GROWW app does not have such limitations. GROWW app will provide the statement for all of your investments done under your PAN number irrespective of the app used for investments.

How to download ELSS statements from ETMONEY App?

Go to the latest version of the ETMOENY App home screen then follow the below steps:
  1. touch on three lines on the top left (on your initials)

  2. touch on the option "Save Tax"

  3. touch on the button "Get Proofs" on the top

  4. Select the Financial Year for which you want the statement.

  5. and you can download the statement for: 

    • Tax Saving Mutual Funds (ELSS) 

    • Term Life Insurance 

    • Health Insurance 

    • National Pension System (NPS)
NOTE: Watch the short video on the top of the post to watch a live demo.

Get your concepts clear and start investing... 

If you have any doubt about investing, feel free to drop it in the comment box below. I will try my best to help you and smoothen your investment journey.

Thank you,
Akshay P Daga


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