Best way to invest in Gold... SGB (Sovereign Gold Bond) | Investment Ideas by APDaga

Best way to invest in Gold... SGB (Sovereign Gold Bond) | Investment Ideas by APDaga
There is a thumb rule in investment - "Never put all your eggs in a single basket". It means you should not invest all your fund in the same or similar investment instruments. 

You should always try to diversify your investment. and 1 way to diversify the investment is to invest in gold. If you are thinking of investing in gold then there are different ways in which gold investment can be done.
  1. Physical Gold
  2. Gold Bonds - (Digital Gold)
  3. Gold ETF - (Digital Gold)
  4. SGB - Sovereign Gold Bond (Digital Gold)

When you buy physical gold, you have to incur extra cost like: 
  • Making & breaking charges 
  • GST 
  • Storage cost like Bank locker, etc. 
Apart from that, the purity of gold is also not very promising when it comes to buying physical gold.

Similarly, In Gold Bonds and Gold ETF, you have to pay GST. But you save on making/breaking charges and storage costs like bank locker. and the purity of gold is 99.95%.

The last and best option to buy gold is SGB (Sovereign Gold Bond) as it has all the following advantages over all other options:
  • No making & breaking charges
  • No GST
  • No Storage cost like a bank locker
  • 99.99% Pure Gold
  • Issued by RBI (i.e. secure investment)
  • and you get 2.5% interest per annum directly into your bank account.
Looking at all the benefits of the SGB, we can say it is the best way to invest in gold in India.

So please start investing today itself. When it comes to investments, start early and start learning simultaneously to improve and diversify your investments. 

you can start investing in SGB using any Demat account on your smartphones. Click below to start your investment journey.
Note: Above links are referral links. You may help us by opening an account through the above links.

If you have any doubt about investing, feel free to drop it in the comment box below. I will try my best to help you and smoothen your investment journey. 

Thank you,
Akshay P Daga


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